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Be the first to taste Dutch Vanilla in a chocolate bar.

From the Dutch greenhouse ‘tropics’ of the Wageningen University & Research centre (WUR) we were allowed to use vanilla grown, harvested and fermented in The Netherlands. When grown and fermented under ideal conditions the vanilla receives its particular spice and deep lingering vanilla flavour aroma. It inspired us to make a real over-the-top-done-right classic milk bar.

We found the perfect cacao match for the Dutch Vanilla on the Carribean ‘spice island’ of Grenada. On the L’Esterre estate plantation the Ramdhanny family grows organic Trinitario cacao which offers rich, complex herbal notes that serve as a perfect balance to the Dutch Vanilla. Add a dash of creamy Dutch cow milk to the mix and you have deep spicy milk bar which is irresistible to all milk bar lovers. To us, this is the grown-up sophisticated version of our favourite childhood chocolate poured into a bar.

Only 1500 bars are made. Dutch Vanilla from Wageningen University is not for sale so this is your only chance to have this unique experience.Illustration based on Charles Lemaire, L’Horticulteur universel, journal general des jardiniers et amateurs, Paris 1839-1847

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Jan-Willem & Ewald are like two brothers you always wished you had. Both are friendly, organised, and super fun. They're immersed in creating some special chocolate and making it an experience you won't forget. From their factory in the old part of Rotterdam city, they sort and roast beans then set to work finding the perfect roast profile to create the perfect bar. Transparency is a core component of their product, their website shows you where they get their beans, and how. Their lab coats reflect their scientific approach to the art of making chocolate but also a jovial elegance which permeates thorough the experience you have when you try one of their bars.Each Heinde & Verre box contains 2 bars, one bar for now, one for later - we love these formats as it enables you to try some and keep some fresh to compare to something else later. Why not split it up and share with a friend (give it away before you try it otherwise you will probably want to hang onto it for yourself). See more