Malagos – Classic 72%


This is true single origin chocolate. Made with beans from the Malagos farm it has a distinct flavour. The sun
dried and slow roasted beans come alive.

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Cocoa content: 72%
Origin: Davao, Philippines
Beans: Trinitario
Made in: Davao, Philippines

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Malagos chocolates are one of the few tree-to-bar producers in the world. When the Puentespina brothers rented a farm in 2003 they realised it had old cacao trees. With a bit of work the trees were rehabilitated and they started making their own bars.Now they are an award winning producer (world famous for their drinking and 100% chocolates). They are also committed to working with and improving conditions for other farmers in their community, and have turned part of their farm into a laboratory for locals to learn good agricultural practices in cacao farming. See more