Metiisto – Crème Brûlée White Chocolate


“One of our favourite deserts transformed into a chocolate bar. Our creamy 37% white chocolate with shards of burnt caramel and a little extra Australian vanilla.”

Want to purchase only Metiisto chocolate? Consider purchasing it direct from Trevor here (the less hands between the famer and your mouth the better).

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Weight75 g
Percentage cacao



Beans (origin)

Produced in



Trevor Smith first started Metiisto in his home basement, in Sweden in 2012. By 2016 his chocolate was winning international awards, but he and his wife Magdalena, a dentist, decided to move back to Australia and get ‘real’ jobs.After working as a panel beater for a year, he realised he missed making chocolate, and so together he and Magdalena have restarted Metiisto in Toowoomba. This time they are doing it with more space and bigger machinery, and are enjoying discovering the different flavours of cocoa grown in different parts of the Solomon Islands. Magdalena is the chief chocolate maker, Trevor is chief engineer - Australia is delighted! See more