Míšina čokoláda – Milk 50% with Czech Blueberries


“Milk chocolate made from organic cocoa beans from Madagascar . These beans taste like fruit and we have added blueberries from the Czech forests to them . Grind all the ingredients in a stone mill for several days. Thanks to this, all the flavors are beautifully combined and the chocolate acquires the color, taste and aroma of blueberries. Madagascan beans are very fruity and I wanted to add some additional fruity notes so I added Czech blueberries. They are wild blueberries (unlike Canadian blueberries) and they are picked in the forest. They have amazing aroma and flavour. And colour! When Czech kids pick blueberries in summer, they come home with their tongues and mouths all violet/blue. And same goes for this chocolate bar. You can’t munch on it in secret. Your tongue will tell!!!”  Michaela Dohnálková, Chocolate Maker

Intredients: Cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, dried blueberries

Awards:  2020: 2 stars at Great Taste Awards; Gold Academy of Chocolate Awards

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Michaela Dohnálková is the founder of Míšina čokoláda, a craft chocolate brand based in Prague. Her love for chocolate led her to discover "bean to bar" chocolate while living in Dublin, Ireland. Intrigued by the flavors of cacao and the craft of chocolate making, she started her own brand in 2015 upon returning to Prague. Using only the finest cocoa beans, she carefully sorts, roasts, grinds, and ages them in a melanger. Tempering the chocolate becomes an alchemical process where temperature control is crucial. The resulting tempered chocolate, when poured into moulds and hardened, shines beautifully and breaks with a satisfying crunch. The chocolates are not overly sweet and can surprise with flavors reminiscent of fruit, caramel, or nuts. By personally sourcing her cocoa beans and paying fair prices, Michaela prioritizes ethical production, avoiding cocoa plantations that exploit child labor.
We love the Míšina čokoláda chocolate moulds that depicts clusters of cacao pods, reflecting the design of the outer cardboard boxes. The artistic circles and lines on the moulds add a touch of complexity, foreshadowing the chocolate experience to come.
Michaela has collected over 50 awards at prestigious international competitions since 2017.  Míšina čokoláda became the first Czech chocolate to receive the highest honor of three stars at the international gourmet competition, Great Taste Awards.
These accolades serve as a testament to Michaela's commitment to maintaining the best possible quality and craftsmanship. With each award, Míšina čokoláda affirms that they are moving in the right direction and producing chocolates of exceptional quality.
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