Theo & Philo – Dark chocolate with calamansi


A refreshing tropical zinger, calamansi, adds a boost of citrus to your deep and velvety dark chocolate. Calamansi is a small citrus fruit that is ubiquitous in the Philippines often used in beverages, sauces, and squeezed over dishes to add a zesty flavour.

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Philo Chua was one of the first small batch chocolate makers in the Philippines. He draws inspiration from a photo of a Chinese man grinding cacao on the streets of Manila in 1898. His chocolate is attracting global attention through recent chocolate awards, but Theo & Philo maintain their focus on reviving the cacao heritage and supporting local farmers and employing people who really need it, as well as a range of fabulous community initiatives to help cacao farmers children to go to school. Enjoy these special little bars and know that you’re helping them make a real difference. See more