Zotter – 60%/40% Cacao – Oat Milk with no added sugar


“A vegan bar with a 60% cacao content and 40% oat milk instead of milk, without any additional sugar. Traditionally, milk chocolate contains sugar, but with this creation, we do away with it entirely and focus purely on the harmony of cacao and oat milk, whereby the oat milk naturally boasts an astonishing level of sweetness. This is a vegan, mildly sweet milk chocolate alternative with a very high cacao content.

How brilliant is this? A dark, very chocolatey creation without any additional sugar but still astonishingly sweet and extraordinarily fruity. With this all-new chocolate innovation, we’ve succeeded in doing away with sugar entirely and relying purely on the natural sweetness of oat powder. Additionally – happy news for those who don’t like chocolate oat-flavored – the oat powder is virtually undetectable to the palate. The bar has an intense gingerbread spice fragrance, accompanied by a chocolate biscuit with a flavor of lemon and marzipan. On the palate, the initial protagonists are baked goods and cream with hints of molasses and licorice. The aromatic focus is a citrussy lime base with gentle spice and subtly vegetal notes. Some well-rounded bitter woody accents echo in the finish.”

Fragrance notes: gingerbread spices, lemon,marzipan, biscuits
Taste notes: lemon, lime, spices, cream, leafy herbs


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Josef Zotter started his confectionery business at age 26 in southern Austria. He won awards for his unusual creations and started to expand, but then had to decide whether to focus on confectionery or chocolate. Lucky for us, he chose chocolate, and over time, he has moved to make all Zotter chocolates bean-to-bar, organic and fairtrade. He is so committed to sustainability that he built his own steam powered generator fuelled by biomass and cocoa bean shells! See more