Australian Craft Chocolate Easter 2023

Last updated 8th April 2023.

This Australian Easter will be one of the best for fans of the country’s 37 chocolate makers. We’re only just out of summer and the craft Chocolate Makers are making us drool with sneak peeks and early launches of Easter delights.

All the chocolate featured on this page (heck, our whole website) is made the by the chocolate maker from scratch. That means, the company buys cacao beans, roasts and grinds them then adds a little sugar (sometimes adds milk powder). They “temper” the chocolate and then mould it into a special Easter shape.

This post is current with the exciting things that have launched and that we know about – we’ll keep it updated as Easter gets closer & keep you posted on the days/times that your local chocolate maker is open to take care of you.

Easter opening hours


Zokoko – Easter Saturday. 7 am–12 pm.

South Pacific Cacao – Easter Saturday. 9.30am – 3.30pm


Ratio Cocoa Roasters – Easter Saturday. 10am-3pm

Mork Chocolate – Saturday + Sunday (North Melbourne) 10am-5pm; Easter Saturday (City),

Atypic Chocolate – Easter Saturday. 8am-4pm.

Cuvee Choclate (ANZ Centre Popup) Easter Saturday 9am-5pm(?) + 11-14th April.


Jasper + Myrtle – Easter Saturday. 9am-11:30am.

Western Australia

Gabriel Chocolate (Yallingup) – Easter Saturday 10-5pm. (Sunday 10-4:30pm?)


K’kao – Easter Saturday 10-2pm

Easter Eggs

Eggs have become a feature of the bean-to-bar chocolate makers. The creations are being taken to a whole new level in 2023 and it’s going to be hard to pick a winner of the fan favourites this year.

BirdSnake Chocolate (Fairfield, VIC)

We’ve seen a sneak peek of the wonderful vegan easter egg that Fred and the team are creating at BirsdSnake Chocolate – it’s really pretty and we’re sure it will be a favourite this Easter. Before we could finish this round-up the eggs arrived. At $16 each you can snap up as many as you need right here. They won’t last long!

Cuvée Chocolate (Carrum Downs, VIC)

Production is in full swing down on the peninsular – The Cuvée Easter eggs were popular last year, and most were sold out well before Easter. If you’d like one get in quick! Milk and dark chocolate lovers are well-catered. There is also their 75% dark option.

Ratio Cocoa Roasters (Brunswick, VIC)

The ratio Cocoa Roaster easter bonanza has begun! The full collection is now available and you’ll have a tough time choosing between their 12 dedicated Easter products. Probably the best gift packet available + the beautiful bunny in an egg which was the “Bean Bar You people’s favourite” last year.

The Ratio Cocoa Roasters 2023 Easter Collection.

South Pacific Cacao (Haberfield, NSW)

The famous “ethical easter eggs” are also known here at Bean Bar You as “delicious edible Cacao Pods”. You can collect these from the beautiful Haberfield store if you’re in Sydney but they can also post them to you anywhere in Australia.

Atypic Chocolate (South Melbourne, VIC) – Very fancy Easter Eggs

We have seen special previews of the Easter eggs that will be available at Atypic Chocolate for Easter 2023. True to the spectacular creations they’ve always made, these eggs are pretty, and delicious and come complete with beautiful surprises inside them. Photos and more details to come but you’ll need to get to South Melbourne Market to snap them up.

Mörk Chocolate (North Melbourne, VIC) – Easter eggs from your dreams

We have confirmation that the famous grown-up easter eggs will be reappearing at Mork for Easter 2023.

“We take a different approach to Easter. Remembering the excitement we felt as children unwrapping foiled eggs, we want to recreate that feeling by making chocolate new and surprising once again. But it takes more to excite us these days than a few storebought, mass produced eggs… Our Easter features our pure bean to bar chocolate, made in small batches in the heart of North Melbourne. This is where we roast, winnow, mill and conche our cacao until we reach incredible flavour notes and the smoothest textures possible. We are featuring some incredible cacao origins this year with beans from both Nicaragua and Trinidad and Tobago, carefully chosen for their stunning flavours and always with the highest ethical values in the process. Bring out your inner child this year with ethical eggs, made by hand and coloured by nature.”

They also have their big eggs, famous hot-cross buns and special edition chocolate-covered spiced almonds and raisins. Get them quick before they disappear like magic!

Haigh’s Chocolates (22 stores in Adelaide, NSW, ACT and VIC)

If you’re okay with choosing between lots of options then you’ll love Haigh’s 77 different Easter items. Their collection is available online or at any of the 22 stores. Eggs large and small, fish, chickens, ducks (!) and their famous Chocolate Bilby. They also have Easter-themed truffles and “hot cross bun chocolates”. Eggs full off truffles, chocolate almonds, and frogs. Boxes, hampers and soft toys! You want it, they’ve probably got it!

Kkao (Brisbane, QLD)

17 Rocks have rebranded as Kkao “the language of chocolate”. They have 17 options for you to choose from this Easter. From hand-painted eggs, bunnies in bags, hand-painted chicks and their special edition “card chocolates”. They also have some 2-dimensional eggs, bunnies and even a bilby.

KKao Hand painted eggs and their Easter “Chocolate Card”

Chocolate Dr (Coffs Harbour, NSW)

David is having fun up on the NSW coast. The Dr is creating some incredible treats with the chocolate he makes. He’s into Easter this year, experimenting with eggs filled with a selection of incredible surprises.

Good boy Chocolate (Melbourne, VIC) – Dark and milk Eggs

These look WOW! Alessandro has created some majestic eggs (and and 280g) they won’t leave anyone feeling like they need more chocolate! There is a Venezuela milk one and a Cuban dark one. Good luck getting your hands on one of these.

Elements Chocolate Co (Perth, WA)

Elements Chocolate Co were late to the party. It was partly our fault as we haven’t had time to update this page (thank you for keeping us so busy). They couldn’t resisit creating some half-eggs with their chuncks of their hand whipped honeycomb. We didn’t find out about them until they were all sold out but good idea to keep these on your radar for next Easter if you are in Perth / WA.

Chocolate DR (Coffs Harbour, NSW)

Another late entery this year was Dave, Chocolate DR, from the North Coast of NSW. Dave has been experimenting with eggs filled with freckles and all sorts of interesting things.

Craft Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Charley’s Chocolate (Mission Beach, QLD) – Dark and Milk Easter Bunnies

One of the first Easter products available this year is the tree-to-bar Easter bunnies from Charley’s chocolate. You can get 6 milk or 6 dark bunnies for $11.95. They also get their usual range in the Easter mood with special packaging. It takes a fair bit of effort to organise that so hard not to mention.

Easter Bunnies are available in Milk and Dark chocolate.

Jasper & Myrtle (Canberra, ACT)

Metiisto Artisan Chocolate (Toowoomba, QLD) – Dark, Milk, White Easter Bunnies

The mountain bunnies are back! These little guys are delighted to be living in Toowoomba – almost as happy as the good people in Queensland who are able to get to the Metiisto store and pick one (or thirty) up. Sure to put a smile on anyone’s face!

Jasper + Myrtle (Canberra, ACT) – Their famous Easter Bunny Lollipops are back

What could be better than a milk, dark and white chocolate easter bunny in a beautiful packet? Well, imagine them on lollipop sticks and you have a winner. These cuties are back this year and their packaging is as beautiful as ever. Their floppy-eared bunny and big Easter Eggs are now available in beautiful boxes. Superb!

Spencer Cocoa (Mudgee, NSW) – Dark, Milk, White Easter Bunnies

We’ve been reassured that the Spencer Cocoa bunnies are being bred at a rapid rate out in Mudgee. Watch out or they’ll eat all your radishes!

Update: they’re available for pre-order now!

Bean Bar You – Get your Easter goodies

We couldn’t resist grabbing a few little treats to share with everyone. Only a few of each so don’t delay your order.

Bean Bar You – Easter giveaway competition

We’ll be giving away another hamper of goodies this year. Keep your eye on this page or sign up to receive our newsletter (see below) to ensure you hear the details once we’ve confirmed the final contents of our giveaway.