Alouss – Halva Dark


“This chocolate bar was inspired by my father. One of my childhood memories was of my father calling out to me to come and eat some delicious sweet Halva. This nutty snack is buttery and smooth and is made from sweetened sesame paste. It was a special treat that we always shared together. This creamy bar will take you on a delicate nutty path and will leave you wanting more.”

Ingredients: Cocoa beans, cocoa butter, raw sugar, tahini, sunflower Lecthin

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Elsie Jahjah has a background in psychology and counselling, but in 2016 decided to pursue her other favourite way to make people happy - chocolate! After deciding that she needed to make her chocolate authentically from the bean, she started an exciting adventure of learning about chocolate.She now uses childhood memories and family members to inspire the flavours of her bars, which are rich and decadent. See more