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It is time for you try Australian Craft chocolate! Bean to bar chocolate is made by real chocolate makers – from the “bean to the bar”.  At Bean Bar You our mission is to introduce as many chocolate lovers to craft chocolate as possible – so we are excited to introduce you to our Australian Craft Chocolate box.  

For the cost of the bars you will receive three bars of Australian chocolate – For our first edition, we’ve selected three chocolate makers who make bars from a single origin. Jasper + Myrtle (Canberra, ACT) make chocolate with beans they source from Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea. Spencer’s Chocolate (Mudgee, NSW) make chocolate with beans they source from Vanuatu. To round out the trio, Charley’s Chocolate make chocolate made with Australian grown cacao (yep, that’s right, that is 100% Australia chocolate)!  These three bars will introduce you to the variation you can expect in cacao. If you enjoy that, you will love exploring the flavours in cacao from Madagascar, India, Peru, Belize even Hawaii.

We get these bars delivered to your door via express-post cheaper than you could ordering them yourself. If you discover something you like, please consider ordering direct from the chocolate maker, it takes one step out of the whole process and that is what makes bean to bar chocolate special – these chocolate makers work directly with farmers (except Charley’s who grow their own cacao) which means you’re one step from the raw ingredients.

WARNING: If you’ve never tried “bean to bar” chocolate before you need to know that normal chocolate will never taste the same again.  We often hear “I can’t eat common chocolate anymore” (e.g. Miranda, April 2021) – we believe that is a good thing. Chocolate should be special, not something made in tonnes/day by one of 4 huge European companies then re-melted into “handmade” chocolate bars. Bars of craft chocolate are made in batches of 50-200kg, each 50kg bag of beans is slightly different (due to tree genetics, micro-climates and the fermentation process) – the chocolate maker will sample batch of beans before, during and after a roast to make sure they are extracting their desired flavours from each sample. As well as the care and control from the chocolate maker, the the cacao you’ll find in these bars is often grown by one or a few farmers in a cooperative. The trees are pruned and maintained with utmost care, the post-harvest (fermentation and drying) are key to ensuring the flavours in the beans fully develop and aren’t compromised. These farmers are paid way above “market rate” for cacao – they’re committed to ensuring they supply great beans and chocolate makers get a superior product. In contrast, industrial chocolate is all about cost per kilo so corners are cut and it tastes like it does.

You can choose between: 3 dark bars, 2 dark bars + 1 milk, 1 dark bar + 2 milks, 3 milks.  Because this is our low-cost offering, there aren’t want cards in the box – the bars are pre-packed so you can’t choose which milk/dark bar you’d like from each maker – If you’d like to do that visit your extensive single-bar collection to create your customised chocolate collection.

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This special Australian chocolate box comes with three bars of chocolate made by some of Australia’s 31 chocolate makers.

These chocolates are made in small batches by artisan chocolate makers from Australia. They care about every step – from sourcing the cocoa beans to hand wrapping each bar. You can choose between a dark box or a mixed  box or milk box.

Learn more about the bars in Edition 1:

Why is this cheaper than our other boxes? We are able to offer this box at a lower cost because it’s so much easier to order from local chocolate makers than the International ones. You may discover others online selling similar boxes at much higher prices – whilst that may make good business sense for them, we are in the business of supporting chocolate makers and we are selling this box “at cost” to us in an effort to truly support our Australian chocolate makers.

Delivery: The $10 postage & handling fee covers Express Post delivery through Australia Post to ensure your chocolate is delivered quickly and in great condition. If there’s a heat wave we’ll navigate around it & get in contact with our plan and/or send it with insulation and maybe even ice – we will let you know if there will be any delay in getting your order.

Gift cards: If you are purchasing this as a gift for someone else, please understand that this is a pre-packed box of chocolate. If you’d like something extra special including our usual hand-written card and personalised bar selection please check out our other gift boxes.

Any questions about Bean Bar You? Please look at our frequently asked questions page and please feel free to get in contact. Want to request a specific chocolate maker? Please let us know and we’ll tell you which edition they’re planned for.