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“Welcome to the Papua New Guinea dark milk bar… where cacao from the Manabu plantation with notes of honey caramel, dark cherry and cinnamon butter come together with organic milk to make a mouth watering and rick dark milk chocolate experience. Crafting this bar was super fun – using some of the Pacific’s best cacao and NZ’s best milk. Take a piece, relax and enjoy the delicious things in life. Forever yours, Clayton McErlane; Chief Chocolate Disciple”

Ingredients: Cacao (PNG, Manabu plantation direct trade), organic sugar, organic milk powder, cacao butter (PNG)

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Birdsnake - Jamsheed

This bar is part of the special trans-Tasman bubble collaboration. The Birdsnake Colombian dark chocolate is combined with raisins made from Syrah grapes from Jamsheed Wines.

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Weight70 g
Percentage cacao



Beans (origin)

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Clayton McErlane has been creating chocolate creations since 2012.  As a trained chef, Clayton has always been interested in unique flavours. When Chris visited Wellington in 2016 he scored some of their Wellington bars and some wicked salted caramel logs - we knew then that once the Baron converted to making their own chocolate "from bean to bar" they'd become a great chocolate maker. They made the switch in 2019 and it hasn't slowed down their creativeness. In 2020 Clayton helped our friend Luke Smith (The Chocolate Bar, NZ) create his first chocolate bar. In 2021 they created a cross-Tasman partnership with Melbourne's Birdsnake chocolate. In 2021 they also ran a successful crowd funding campaign, raising $50K to fund some much needed new machines. We're sure they're going to be around for a while so we can't wait to share more of their amazing creations with you soon!

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