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This was the first bar made with cacao from a project called Impulsa Bacao! It was run in San Pablo de Borbur region of Colombia to enable small-holder farmers to increase both their production output and price per kilogram (via access to information, ethical financing and a high quality centralised post harvesting facility). Tom & Monica fell in love with the beans and travelled there to meet the farmers and see the facility. They describe the flavours as “toasted marshmallow, graham cracker and honey – think s’mores”!

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Goodnow farms produce some of the best chocolate we've ever tasted! Owners Tom & Monica say they are "passionate about flavour" and it is true. They make regular trips to visit the select farmers they directly collaborate with. They spend a substantial time supporting the cacao production process to ensure they get the perfect beans from which to craft with. With the perfect beans, they take things further than nearly every other chocolate maker and make their own cacao butter from the same batch of beans that they make their bars with! They are confident that this bar will change the way you think about chocolate - we think they are probably right! We can't wait to hear what you think. See more