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“With this chocolate we create an experience of a bar with a high percentage of cocoa, which added to a low-fat whole sheep’s milk, gives us a tasting result of a cocoa landscape with a cheese finish that leads us to enjoy the sensation of a mountain environment with its sheep and low in sugar.”


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The founder of Kankel Cacao, Juan Ángel Rodrigálvarez, is passionate about making chocolate the right way and educating people about what good chocolate really is. He believes that chocolate has been mistreated for too long and wants to change that. That's why he started Kankel Cacao, to share his love of chocolate and create something truly special.Kankel Cacao are proud members of the Spanish bean to bar association.  This passionate collective is made up of chocolate makers and other key people committed to elevating Spanish chocolate to global recognition. This community is a great model, uniting chocolate makers and enthusiasts in a shared mission of spreading awareness and appreciation for the art of crafting chocolate from the bean. See more