Kasama – Wallflower Gin


“For this special batch of chocolate, we aged our Papua New Guinea cacao beans in an oak cask for 4 weeks with Odd Society Distillery’s Wallflower Gin, then stone ground them with juniper berries. As the chocolate melts on your tongue, imagine yourself at a quaint cocktail party in the middle of a botanical garden. Breathe in deeply, and let the flavours unfold, like an elegant floral bouquet, with aromas of fresh cut evergreens, and hints of orange blossom.”

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Oliver, Vince, Stefan and Dominik met playing hockey in high school. In 2015 they all had other professions, when Vince inherited a small plot of land in the Philippines and brought back some cocoa beans. The 4 friends got together for a weekend of chocolate making and got hooked on the process. After making chocolate every weekend and getting feedback from friends & family they launched Kasama in late 2016. Now, each friend has a unique role in the chocolate making process. See more