Luisa Abram – Rio Tocantins Wild Cacao 70%


“This Luisa Abram chocolate bar has 70% wild-origin cocoa from the Brazilian Amazon and weighs 80g.

In a partnership with riverside residents, Luisa conducted her first fermentation at this origin. Teaching them how to carry out this fermentation encountered no barriers, on the contrary, it was facilitated by their familiarity with cocoa culture. This translated into an increase in their families’ income, since well-fermented cocoa is sold at a price two to three times higher than unfermented cocoa. The communities that live on the banks of the Tocantins River, a river with a well-defined course located in the Lower Amazon River Basin, survive by extracting açaí, cocoa and fishing. This cocoa is harvested on the banks of the Tocantins River, in the city of Mocajuba, in Pará.

The packaging comes with two bars of 40g each packaged separately, totaling 80g of chocolate. This way you don’t need to open all your chocolate at once and you can consume it with 100% quality at another time!

This bar starts off bringing a fresh feeling to the palate and, as the flavour increases, you can feel citrus notes that remind you of orange and lemon. It has a touch of honey and finishes with a pleasant chocolate flavour.”

Ingredients: Wild cocoa, organic sugar, cocoa butter

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Luisa Abram was started as a family company in 2014. The company has four partners - Luisa, who looks after tempering, moulding & wrapping of the bars, her father Andre, who does the roasting and grinding of the bars, his wife Miriam who looks after finance & logistics, while Andrea (Luisa’s older sister) who helps with legal advice.They specialise in using cocoa that is collected wild from the Amazon Rain-forest, recognising that paying a fair price for cocoa incentivises preservation of the rain-forest. See more