Manoa – Haupia x Coconut vegan milk 60%


“The Polynesians settlers brought coconut on their long voyage to Hawaii. It is known as a canoe plant – a crop essential for island living. The coconut provided a source of food, water, and useful crafting material. The Hawaiian word for coconut is niu, but the title of this bar “Haupia,” refers to the popular Hawaiian desert made using the white meat of coconut fruit.”

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Manoa Chocolate Hawaii craft high quality chocolate using sustainable techniques. As well as sourcing quality beans from around the world, they also use cacao grown in Hawaii. Hawaii is the only US state to grow cacao, and the deep flavours reflect the special characteristics of the geography and climate in which it is grown.Manoa improve the profit potential of local farmers and provide opportunities for employment in the local community. They have created some amazing machines from recycled items – they roast using a custom bbq and remove the cacao shells with pedal power and a vacuum. See more