2020 12 – The end to a big year

Well the end of 2020 really suck up on us all. We’d been planning a big send off for a few months so we had a really special line-up ready to share with our lucky subscribers. We weren’t ready for the hot weather and logistical challenges. We got all our subscribers boxes safely + a few Christmas gift boxes for some lucky people.

The famous Beau Cacao is back on the chocolate scene, this time popping up in the French Alps, an extra special treat for all the fans of dark chocolate. The two previously used cacao are joined by a third Malaysian farm and all made into 78% chocolate. Truly gorgeous bars!

Bars from Tosier (UK) are always a special treat. But we included them because we just missed seeing them in Melbourne back in March (before the world changed). It made sense to tie an end to this period by sharing their great bars with everyone.

The third international bar was supposed to be the lovely Feitoria do Cacao from Portugal – unfortunately most of the bars were another victim of 2020 disrupted shipping. There were only 30 bars which survived but luckily we had a big secret stash of special Hogarth bars + some left over Theo & Philo bars to make up the numbers,

Last but not least, some special Christmas bars from Debb at Ratio Cocoa Roasters. We rearranged our 2020 line-up to support as many of the Melbourne chocolate makers as we could and it made perfect sense to share the new Gingerbread bar with those who love a tasty flavoured milk chocolate.

2020 Dark Christmas box

So that’s a wrap on 2020 but rest assured we’re already working on a brilliant collection for 2021. We can’t wait to share it with Australia from March – there are still a few slots open for subscriptions so get in quick if you want to join the chocolate adventure with “Australia’s Best chocolate subscription”. Happy Holidays!