2022 05 – Magic May

We know we’ve set the bar high this year but we’re still bringing out the big surprises! May sees us enjoying our first European bars for the season. Georgia Ramon (Germany) and Standout Chocolate (Sweden) have been in our plan since 2020 both delayed due to shipping issues. Castronovo Chocolate (Florida) has been on our dream list since we first tried a bar in 2017 (great things take time)! We’ve been enjoying Good Boy Chocolate in our online store but are so excited to finally be sharing them with our subscribers.

The bars

Alessandro Luppolo has quickly become a character of the Australian chocolate scene. Creating some interesting bars using his unique perspectives from his pastry chef background,  All the Good Boy bars are wrapped in locally made “dodgy paper” which is hand-made by the “Pulp Professor” – it’s some of the nicest paper we’ve ever seen and it works perfectly with chocolate. Nearly all our subscribers are enjoying Alessandro’s 77% Solomon Islands Dark Chocolate.

Denise Castronovo, “Ecopreneur, Chocolate Maker & Ecologist” started making chocolate as a way to support and cultivate sustainable rainforest produce. This is part of her goal to nurture conservation and help protect the rainforest ecosystem. She’s made a world of difference to the cacao growing communities and hence, the rainforests and our planet. To top it off her chocolate is divine – Denise has won more awards for Castronovo Chocolate than nearly any other chocolate make. We’re so happy to share two of her Colombian bars with everyone: Sierra Nevada 72% and the Tumaco Dark Milk 60%. Savour these bars and the fact you’re helping also helping the planet.

Fredrik Martinsson founded Standout Chocolate with the goal “to source, craft and share the best chocolate we possibly can, and never cut back on quality.” We’re super impressed. Standout chocolate were one of 4 chocolate makers to win 5 gold medals at the 2021 Academy of Chocolate awards – we’re sure you’ll agree this is delicious chocolate! This month we’re tasting 4 of them: the dark Belize Maya Mountain 70% and Guatemala 70%; and the milk Haiti Cap-Haitïen 60% and India dark milk.

We’ve featured Georgia Ramon in a few previous boxes over the years. This year we are sharing two relatively new bars, the Brazil Milk and Panama 72%. We had planned to bring these bars to everyone last year but we had a slip up with a global shipping (and the bars took 3 months to get here and didn’t survive). In November 2020, trained confectioner and chocolatier, Phillip Butzmann took over as the new owner – It’s great to see this chocolate brand in great hands!

What next?

Did you miss this collection? We have a few bars of Standout, Georgia Ramon and Good Boy chocolate in the store. If you want to make sure you don’t miss out on any of our special treats then make sure you’re signed up to our subscription before the 20th (though if you miss that date we’ll still do our best to get you all the bars).

We have very special June box lined up and we can’t wait announce the bars soon.

202205 - Dark chocolate subscription box
One of the Dark Chocolate boxes from May 2022.