2022 10 – Choctober Cravings

It’s our favourite month again – Choctober! We can’t resist special treats when it comes time for this particular month. This year we are featuring four very classy chocolates. As always, they’re all made by people who care so passionately about their chocolate that the resulting bars are works of art. Packaging, design, experience and chocolate = WOW!

Our first-ever Swiss chocolate, Orfeve is made in Geneve. Caroline and François-Xavier worked within the watch-making industry until they discovered the world of craft chocolate. You can tell! Every detail has been considered – the embossed paper, gold foil, Clous de Paris bar mould and superb chocolate. Our second-ever bar featuring Grenada cacao was a hit. The big bars were all accounted for but send a message if you’d like to try some of the mini-bars we have hidden here.

Returning to Raphio Chocolate is a no-brainer. Elisia makes elegant chocolate which comes complete with superb storytelling. We primarily featured their Peru 72% and 62% dark milk bars but snuck in some Equador and 102% bars (not a typo). This shipment was literally on the way to us 3 months ago but a power outage at the DHL office meant we missed the last safe weather window before the Fresno summer kicked in. It gets over 40 degrees there so we had to wait until it was safe but they were perfect for the Choctober collection.

Our third bar was our third subscription box feature of New Zealand gem Shirl & Moss. The first in two years, Simon and Aimee have been busy crafting some new bars. We featured their whole range, Hazelnut, Orange, Sea Salt, Toasted Milk 50%, Single Origin 70%, Fig & Nib 70% and their new Single Estate 70%.

Our Australian this month was the stylish Cuvée Chocolate made by Deniz & Kylie on a cattle farm on the outskirts of Melbourne. Yep, that’s correct, in their spare time these guys raise Cattle! We featured primarily featured fresh batches of their Soleo 42% milk chocolate, Grand Cru 75% and 65% Amphora.

What a beautiful collection!