The Slow Melt 2017 Tasting Collection


The Slow Melt podcast has swept the chocolate world into a frenzy in 2017. Beautifully produced, these easy to listen to shows have walked us through the origins and tribulations of cacao as it makes its way from trees into bars and into our mouths!

The makers’ series will feature interviews with 9 chocolate makers from around the world. We are excited to have created a special opportunity for you to experience each episode with your own matching bar. Simran Sethi will walk with us through a personal tasting of these special bars – the ultimate experience!

Although our subscribers have tried 6 of these makers in the last year the slow melt series features 9 “top shelf” bars. Because they are extremely rare numbers are strictly limited and pre-ordering is required.

See here for the only bars we have left.

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The full listing of the 9 makers and bars is below and we are super proud that one of our Australian makers, Cailo, is in the line up! Many of these bars are incredibly rare (even within the United States) so we’re honoured to be able to share them with the listeners of Australia!

The box will be shipped in 2 parts. We’ll have them to you just in time for each of the episodes (not too early as you’ll really want to eat them). The 1st box will ship in the last week of June (Soma, Askinosie, Valrhona, Ritual). The 2nd in the middle of August (Marou, Cacao Hunters, Cailo, Theo & Fruition). You can’t buy many of these bars in Australia but the full retail cost of the nine would be $140 – we are offering a special discount if you purchase the complete set.

Don’t trust yourself to hold on to the bars until the episodes? You can subscribe to our Dark box and receive many of the Slow Melt bars as part of our July, August, and September boxes (if you want to receive all the limited edition Slow Melt bars you can upgrade your subscription over those months). A mixed or milk subscription is also a great option if you want to experience some milk bars from these makers instead of the rare dark bars.

Read more about each of the chocolate makers at the Makers Series homepage.

The full listing of bars is:

SomaPorcelana (70%)June 16
AskinosieMabubu Tanzania (72%)June 30
ValrhonaManjari  (64%)July 14
RitualMaranon Peru (75%)July 28
MarouDak Lak (70%)August 11
Cacao HuntersArhuacos (72%)August 25
CailoOoray (65%)September 8
TheoBread and ChocolateSeptember 22
FruitionCorazon de Dahlia (TBC)October 6

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